Viva Las Vegas

It’s not a town I had on my radar. In fact I had only been to Las Vegas once before and that was to see my brother get married. However now I am heading back there…and for a while too.


I have signed on with the Ultimate Fighting Championship as a Content Developer of New Media. What does that mean? Well it means I will be helping in getting UFC content online and in other new places like mobile devices.


The job is not the only reason I am going although without it I would be staying in Charleston for another couple of months. I do, believe it or not, want to get back to the left coast (that means West Coast to all of you playing at home) so I can be closer to the family.


This means my “Return to the South” has come to an end. It has been a good run. I do love this town and really, really hate to leave it but this opportunity is too much to pass up. It is an opportunity to be on the front lines of this new media universe of on demand content whenever and wherever you want it.


I will begin out there at the end of August meaning I have a few weeks left here in Charleston. It will be tough to leave but nothing rewarding comes without risk so let’s go.


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