The AD of Life

At this point I am convinced that life is just one big AD.


If you read this site you’ve probably been to You Tube and seen viral videos or been e-mailed a link to the Shave Everywhere online AD campaign from Norelco. Good ads go beyond selling something they become a part of pop culture.


Look at the couple who got married at a baseball game and got advertisers to pay for it. Let us not forget the folks who are turning your car into a NASCAR look alike.


I think at some point life will be more like Max Barry’s book Jennifer Government where people take on their employers names as last names such Jennifer Government or John Nike. Hell people have already tried to sell their kids names online to companies.


The question is where does it stop? Is all this advertising really selling more?


Remember Google didn’t advertise in the traditional sense and they turned out ok. Why? They offered a better product then their competitors.


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