Is this going to work?

All the planning in the World and all the stats still doesn’t mean it will work. It’s like the saying I’ve heard from Military commanders and ex-Military folks, ‘a battle plan is good until its first encounter with the enemy.’ People in the technology field should heed this statement well.


Sometimes technology acts like Democrats, they got everything going for them and then inexplicably they shoot them selves in the foot.


I was watching a video on CNET ( about Municipality Wi-Fi. After the city of Tempe, AZ deployed the wireless network they ran into connectivity problems and so forth. So while this wireless network seems really cool it apparently doesn’t work all that well right now.


Sometimes these technological innovations will work well but other times they idea may be ahead of its time. Patient is word rarely spoken in the tech world it seems. It reminds me of a quote I once read in a Wired article about Tim O’Reilly. The quote is from George Simon, "To know where the path leads means to be able to go there."


One thought on “Is this going to work?

  1. Patience is in short supply on both ends. Companies/Gov\’t try to offer new ways of doing things, sometimes too soon, but customers and/or clients have no patience for the trial and error process that goes along with introducing new ideas. Everyone wants everything immediately, easily, and for less money.
    What\’s that old "post production" bit…. You can have only TWO of THREE choices – fast, cheap OR good.


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