Massive Attack-ing Influence

The band Massive Attack hasn’t put out a CD in a while. In fact the last one they put out was back in 2003 yet I cannot tell you how many times I have heard their song ANGEL from their 1998 release Mezzanine.


Snatch, Anti-Trust, Firewall, The Insider, and an episode of the West Wing all have this song in them at some point. Whether in the opening credits or a major plot twist point etc Massive Attack is there.


They have a new song out called Live With Me which is on a Greatest Hits disc they put out earlier this year. It’s an appetizer for their next record which should be out next year.


Massive Attack was one of the originators of Trip hop. Others who followed include Tricky (a former member) and Portishead among others. The genre was later injected into everything from Missy Elliot to U2. A now de-funk dance magazine once declared that Massive Attack’s first record Blue Lines was the 2nd most important record made that “killed rock”.


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