Return of the Crazy Hawaiian.

Brian Ching Forward for the Houston Dynamo in the MLS has 9 goals in 10 games. He missed several due to the fact that he was riding the pine for the US National team in the World Cup.


Today against CD CHIVAS USA on ESPN 2 he scored his 9th goal and had 6 other shots that were only inches off. Most were headers with him crashing into the box from multiple angles and winning just about any ball that came his way in the air.


Yet he sat on the bench in Germany.


Ching is a good goal scorer, a real good goal scorer. He’s consistent and always creates chances.


On another note, for the MLS game of the week this was a pretty good one. One that could help attract fans hungry for more soccer following the World Cup.


CHIVAS’s Ante Razov scored in the 8th minute and Ching got the equalizer for Houston in the 19th minute. Houston went on to win 3-1 which kept them in 2nd place in the West in MLS. The game was exciting, a lot chances, and the two teams both came into the match with a chip on their shoulders. They went after each other had some good sequences with crisp passing and plenty of nice goals. If Adidas wasn’t splashed across the jersey’s I would the two teams Joga Bonito (play beautiful).


Next time Houston plays, check out Ching. He makes a game exciting, he scores a lot and he’ll leave you asking “why didn’t he play in Germany?”


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