United to Fail

Here’s some advice… Never Ever Fly United or its low cost service TED.


Here’s the short version:


-Delayed flight leaves you with the option of staying in Vegas one more day or staying in Chicago overnight, possibly in the airport. You stay in Vegas.

-Flight next day goes from Vegas to Dulles.

-Rain. Lots of it.

-Flight to Charleston is cancelled. ALL THE FLIGHTS TO CHARLESTON ARE CANCELLED.

-United’s option: I leave out of Baltimore with no way of getting to Baltimore.

-Next option: wait until 9:50pm the NEXT DAY for a flight.

-No more options after that.


Meanwhile other flights on other airlines are still going but United cancels dozens of flights to everywhere. More people then I care to count are waiting in line for a flight to somewhere.


My solution, after of course freaking out for a good two-three hours, get a flight to Atlanta on Delta and drive the rest of the way to Charleston. This plan works thanks to CK who reserved the car for me. I get on the road at 11:15pm and arrive in Charleston at 3:45am. I get up and go to work at 8:30am.


United is dirt. It’s cheap. ‘Oh sorry, flight cancelled…too bad.’ So you pay for a service and they don’t deliver on that service and keep your money. How does that work? This ain’t Russia is it?


Support Brad in his quest to boycott United. And remember this is the short version.


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