The Worst Coach?

I hate to be a dick but could Steve Sampson be the worst soccer coach ever?


Granted he did well until the 1998 World Cup but since then he has, well let’s just say SUCKED.


First, once he got the US National team job he led them to a World Cup in 1998 in France. They promptly lost 3 straight game and finished dead last out of 32 teams.


He floated around and ended up with the LA Galaxy in 2004 towards the end of the season. He won the MLS Cup last year (2005) but the team has struggled this year to put it mildly.


Now I am not a big Galaxy fan because well they are in LA. That said I was still curious why the Galaxy would sack their coach (Siegfried "Sigi" Schmid) during a fine campaign and replace him with Sampson.


In any event, Sampson is unemployed and replaced with a coach who won 2 titles with the San Jose Earthquakes in 2001 and 2003.


Oh well, at least eh World Cup is under he 36 hour mark.


By the way, I will not be blogging until Sunday at the earliest because I am taking a much needed vacation to Colorado.


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