When They Have Made It

I’ve had a recurring thought over the last few weeks. I now know when the MLS America’s pro soccer league will make it.


1. When You Sponsors on the front of the jerseys. When the MLS brings a team back to the Bay Area how amazing would it be to see Yahoo! or Google or Wells Fargo on the front of the jersey? For the new Toronto Franchise-Tim Horton’s; DC United-Sierra Mist; Houston Dynamo-AMD; FC Dallas-Texas Instruments DLP product line; Colorado Rapids-Coors; Columbus Crew-Old Navy. It would show that marketers find the soccer crowd desirable and are willing to pay good money to be associated with it.


2. When crowds are 20,000 per game and are loud. There are always fans at games that cheer real loud and sing and chant the entire game but there’s still not enough. When you get a good 1/3 to ½ the stadium doing it then the league will have really create a fan base that supports the sport. Watch out baseball.


3. Invites to Play in World Tournaments. When the MLS winner is invited to the World Championship to play the UEFA winner and the South American winner then that will be a very good sign. It will say that the league is respected and that the on field play is good enough to compete worldwide.


4. Relegation: This is a far off distant hope but just think of it. The bottom two MLS teams have to play the top two A League teams to see who gets to be in the MLS the next season. This would give Charleston and Virginia Beach chances at being in the big league while a club like Real Salt Lake could be shipped down to a lesser league.


Just some thoughts but wouldn’t it be something if and when the MLS gets to these points?


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