Why Not

Commercials as content. Perhaps a 24 hour cable channel made up of nothing but commercials.


How? Make it like the BMW Film series or as it is officially known as The Hire film series from a few years ago. It was some of the coolest filmmaking done in the last 10 years. From the late-great John Frankenheimer to Guy Ritchie to Tony Scott and John Woo there were plenty of directors to go around. All the shorts (they weren’t any longer then 8-10 minutes) featured a BMW car and Clive Owen as ‘The Driver’.


Never once did you think that this was a car commercial. You just sat there enjoying the film. It was first released online and picked up so much buzz that season 2 actually ran trailers on TV and was on Bravo. They later released a DVD for free.


So while all of these advertisers and networks worry about Tivo and Bit Torrent why don’t they try something that has proven to work? Let the ad BE the content.


Why not build an online series like BMW’s for FORD or Chevy and use those cars? Why not build an online drama series in a bar and do it all about Coors Light? Why not make a series about an FBI agent tracking down terrorists in the US and use various gear from DELL?


So instead of trying to figure out what platform will work best or how to prevent people from skipping over the ads why not make the ads content?


People don’t mind being pitched to…just be cool about it. I don’t want fucking coupons from KFC that force me to watch the ad in slow-mo on my DVR so I can find the secret code. I buy Adidas because they sponsor the MLS and make a good product. I drink Coors Light because I like it. I’ll drink Carlsberg because they are on the front of Liverpool’s jersey.


Make the ads cool, make them good, and why not make them as content?


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