What took them so long

University of Tennessee Women’s Basketball coach Pat Summitt signed a deal that will pay her $1.125 million next season and go up from there to $1.5 million by 2011.


All I have to say is…what the hell took Tennessee so long?


She is the winningest collegiate basketball coach in history. That’s men and women’s basketball. She has been at Tennessee for 32 years, won 6 national titles, and every year has arguably the toughest schedule in all of basketball.


$1.125 million…I think she may need a raise.


They average 15,000 people per home game and this year 24,653 people saw them play Uconn this past winter. By the way the court is named “The Summitt”.


Did I mention she coached the US Women’s team to a gold medal in 1984?


Phil Fulmer gets paid about $2.05 million a year as the Football coach but he won’t be getting paid anything if he has another losing season. Maybe Pat can give him a few pointers on how to win.


The two coolest things about Coach Summitt is that 1. She was the first women’s coach to have her team practice against guys and 2. Made it all the back to Tennessee before giving birth to her son. Apparently the pilot wanted to land in Virginia but she said that her son was going to be born in Tennessee.


Like I said, she needs to get paid more.  


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