I watched a preview the other day for Oliver Stone’s new movie WORLD TRADE CENTER which comes out this summer. Like United 93 it’s too soon.


The NSA is data mining, tapping, and searching through information to find patterns to look for terrorists. By doing so it is running about against privacy concerns and Congressional leaders are “outraged.”


I caught an interview with some expert (meaning he wrote a book on the subject) on CNN one morning after the USA TODAY story came out. The host asked him to repeat what he just said which was something like, ‘out of the thousands of leads the NSA gave the FBI less than 10 were being investigated further’. The host was shocked.


Terrorists have to be right once.


If the intelligence community is right 99% of the time they have failed because that means that the terrorists were right once.


What does that one time mean? It could mean nothing.  It could also mean a plane full of people just flew into a building full of Americans or a suicide bomber wasn’t detected and his bomb went off on a crowded commuter train.


They only have to be right once.


Am I concerned about my privacy? Absolutely. I also know that the bombings in Madrid and London were both done by citizens of those countries or at least people living within their borders. They were splinter groups that had no direct connection to bigger terrorist groups such as Al Qaeda.


The information revolution has created great things and brought along some bad things. The NSA has to cover a bigger area now in this era of globalization. They need new laws to keep up with the changes. They need new tools to help them find the people or groups that want to do us harm. I say give them these things and be mindful of the mistakes made in the past. Also be mindful that it hasn’t been five years yet since that September morning.


We will be fighting this war on terror, against Islamic extremism or anti-globalization people for the next few decades. Give the people on the front lines the benefit of the doubt and let them do their jobs.  


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