Here they go again

When the going gets tough the tough sue. At least that is what the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) does. Now they are suing XM Radio for selling a device that lets its customers listen and record radio. The RIAA claims that it’s copyright infringement.


For some reason the RIAA doesn’t get it. In fact they may never get it considering that they haven’t gotten it yet.


The RIAA sees fear where there is opportunity. Every content provider industry whether film, TV, or whoever else should look at the music industry as example of WHAT NOT TO DO.




First, do not fear technological advancements, embrace them. New technology will help create new revenue streams and give content providers more opportunity not less.


Second, giving customers what they want is almost as good as creating the market yourself. While record companies focused on short term solutions they did not see the value in new distribution channels. By doing this they had to play catch up instead of driving there customers to new revenue sources.


I’m sure there are probably more but I am not in the mood to go into them.


The point is that the RIAA is run by a bunch of folks who just don’t get it. Add that with the fact that music itself is in a creative dry patch and all signs point to problems for the music biz.


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