It wasn’t bad. That’s what I’ll say, it wasn’t bad.


The first Mission Impossible was ok, a little slow but ok. The second one had more action and it was directed by John Woo which is always a good a thing but it could have been better. The third and probably final one could have been the best but it wasn’t great.


I’m not even going into the Tom Cruise personal bit and for all of you who actually care about his off screen behavior…I would be jumping on couches too if I was in my mid to late 40’s and getting athletic between the sheets with Katie Holmes.


 The movie had a great cast: Ving Rhames, Phillip Seymour Hoffman as a very good bad guy, Billy Crudup, Jonathan Rhys-Meyers (the guy from Bend it Like Beckham), Laurence “Bad Ass” Fishburne, and Simon Pegg…that’s right Shaun from Shaun of the Dead (I may have been the only guy laughing in the theatre when he showed up).


M:I:III had some cool action scenes and some of them were, believe it or not, plausible. Especially the one on the bridge considering Hamas reportedly has a drone and there are “high risk” insurance firms in the world.


The story wasn’t bad; I mean its Mission Impossible the story has to be a little out there and have holes in it doesn’t it? It’s Mission Impossible for cryin out loud. But I actually did care about the characters, did follow the storyline, and enjoyed the ride.


Mission Impossible III is a good way to kick off the summer movie season. And when those folks in Hollywood start bitching about piracy and not making any money maybe they should look in the mirror and go “hey, maybe we shouldn’t charge $6.00 for a matinee. Maybe we should offer deals to see films because it is cheaper for people to wait until the movie comes out on DVD and get online or from Netflix.”


It’s just a thought.


But M:I:III wasn’t bad and if you want some stupid exploding fun this could be your ticket.


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