The Matrix Has You

When the Matrix sequels came out they came out in more than one place. Elements of the overall story could be found in the accompanying videogame and animation DVD called, the Animatrix. Some people felt that this was a little much…now their all trying it in one form or another.


LOST is going to do Mobisodes which are mini episodes designed for your mobile phone. Others are doing similar things like 24 who shot some extra video to place into the DVD box set to give you an idea of what Jack Bauer has been up to since the end of last season.


The ball has slowly begun to roll and as Newton once said, things in motion tend to stay in motion.


Now that the ball has begun to roll down the hill the question is will people be able to use it? Will it be easy enough to use? Finally, will people buy it because no one seems to want to offer it for free?


At the very least, people are beginning to see this as an opportunity and not a threat.


…I said starting to.


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