The Saving Grace

While content holders slowly test the waters of the digital revolution and the Web 2.0 nobody seems to be talking about their one ace in the hole, LIVE SPORTING EVENTS.


The resolution is just about there to stream live sporting events but the pipes are not capable of holding all the people who would jump in.


At this point though, the web is not robust enough to handle the massive amounts of people who would flock to watch such things. Take the streaming of March Madness for example. You had to get into a queue just to get to see a game. But when you did it was worth it and it was a huge success plus it was free!


Other events have done well too. Take ESPN’s College Football Game plan. I bought a Tennessee game against Memphis and sat there watching the game on my laptop through a WI-FI connection. It looked great (I could expand to full screen but the picture started to deteriorate). I have also checked out hockey games on and the resolution on those look pretty good too.


While networks and other content providers tentatively put up content on the web they should remember that they still have the Web by the balls when it comes to live events. Add that to the fact that what they’ve done so far has been damn good and the future looks bright for live events and content providers in this Web 2.0.


The one set of folks who could be hurt by live sporting events online, bars.


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