Fighting Words

What’s great about technology is that it has led to Globalization which in turn means a smaller World. Beer-and alcohol for that matter- almost had the same effect and probably still do on some levels.


Today, I went to watch a Manchester United match against Sunderland. The match ended in a 0-0 draw but was real exciting. A lot of chances on both clubs to score but in the end defense prevailed.


I met a couple from the U.K. They have lived in the Bay Area and now live in Manhattan. The guy was wearing a Liverpool polo shirt which automatically scored big points with me. On the other side of the bar were about 4 guys wearing Manchester United jerseys. Needless to say I hung out with the guy wearing the Liverpool shirt.


We talked about the World Cup and he gave the US some credit saying that they should have beaten Germany in the ’02 cup. He also said that we didn’t have a chance in hell in moving on in this year’s cup.


Now wait a minute.


Yes we are in the group of death and have to play the Czech Republic and Italy in the first two games but come on! First round losers, no love from England.


I spent the second half trying to convince him that we got a shot. His response was Tuesday’s match against Jamaica. The game was a 1-1 draw. I argued that we didn’t have our European players such as Goalkeeper Kasey Keller or defender Carlos Bocanegra. He argued that who gives a damn, Jamaica isn’t a World Cup team and we should have beaten them 5-0.


He’s got a point.


Regardless of who is playing, if we want to have a chance in Germany or any World Cup we need to beat down anybody and everybody we SHOULD beat down. The National Team is as deep as it has ever been and most people would argue that this is the best team we have put out on the field to this point.


The Englishman was right that we should beat a team like Jamaica convincingly. However, a draw is a draw and a point a point. Also, it was just an exhibition and we’re already in the World Cup. What we do there is what matters. We’ll gain the respect when we win.


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