Already Lost It

“We have to seal the borders!” “We have to arrest illegal aliens!” “They are taking our jobs!” “The Chinese are manipulating their currency!” “Why are French workers so lazy?!”


It’s pretty sad that people still don’t get it. Globalization is here people. Borders and boundaries don’t exist anymore. A butterfly flaps its wings in Africa and a hurricane hits the Eastern seaboard.


If 9/11 taught us anything it is that the World has become a very small place. Through trans-Atlantic fiber-optic lines, 3G networks, WI FI, and so on and so on. The World as you knew it before 9/11 no longer exists. You have to let it go.


Embrace the new digital reality that Big Brother is always there, that border security is a contradiction in terms and that the term Global really does mean Global. We sell goods and services to China and download music from Germany while watching a soccer match in Monaco. A bomb goes off in Lagos and the price of oil goes up in New York.


The old tribes you were a part of have been disbanded but new ones have taken their place. They will include different languages, ideas, colors, and technology. The oceans do not protect you, the war is no longer cold, and what was once white is now black with that grey area getting bigger by the minute.


This is globalization and welcome to it. How you respond is up to you but I promise you this, you can dig your heels in all you want and it won’t make a difference.


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