Right On Track


Personally, John McCain is running for President. He’s hired some former Bush advisors and is speaking at Liberty University’s Commencement (home to none other than Rev. Jerry Falwell).


People are no questioning his “Straight Talk” style including Jon Stewart of the Daily Show.


Folks, calm down. First 2008 is a long way off and second…it’s John McCain.


Personally, I’m rollin’ with him until the wheels come off.


“He backed the President." Yeah he does on several issues. Why? He’s backing the President of the United States and he’s also backing his party’s leader. Let us also not forget that this is a former Naval Officer and a man who believes in duty.


So he’s going to speak at Liberty University. Good. How much courage does it take a man to walk into the Hornet’s nest? This man is walking into a hostile environment and is going to stand there and speak about duty, character, and service.


I say BRAVO!


Is his “Straight Talk” express going off track? No. In fact it’s never been so much ON track.  


Senator McCain needs to continue on with what he’s doing which is to go out there to people who disagree with him and convince them that he is right.


I wish more politicians were like him.


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