Sinking In/ Plugging In

I’m not sure how many people I work with are afraid of or “in the dark” about technology and its advances but I think there are quite a few.


I sat in a training session for a new camera and when the trainer referred to SD cards and PDA’s the people in front of me were asking each other what those things were. Of course this shouldn’t have surprised me because moments earlier one of them asked me what my PDA was while I was showing a friend a video I downloaded from


This concerns me.


Not only because they don’t understand technology but also because they have a tendency to immediately dismiss it. They just kind of push out their hands and say, “well I don’t need to know that” and go back into their caves watching the shadows thinking that they are real.


If they are not paying attention to technology or if they are afraid to turn around then they will not understand how telecom and cable companies are trying to screw them and the rest of us by pushing aside Net Neutrality.


Companies like AT&T, Verizon, Comcast, Qwest, and Time Warner own the pipes to the Internet. They charge us (too much in my humble opinion) for access to these pipes and now want Congress to lay off and by doing so give them permission to build faster lines and charge more for their use.


They want to turn the Internet into a toll system.


They were getting close but in the last few days there has been a sort of slow building tidal wave in Congress for Net Neutrality and giving the FCC more authority to enforce it. In other words, the pipeline providers would not be allowed to make a toll road system.


Pipeline providers in the UK are already considering charging by how much bandwidth you use. This could very well be another avenue that pipeline providers in the US might try if they don’t get their toll system.


So if people don’t know what an SD card is or what a WI-FI connection is then companies will bleed them dry for the stuff they DO KNOW HOW to use like e-mail, online video and so forth.


We need to close this divide.


One thought on “Sinking In/ Plugging In

  1. you know what\’s really gonna suck? when the american companies use and abuse the regulatory power of our government to take control of the internet\’s infastructure. then other countries will yell SCREW YOU GUYS! They\’ll pipe around the US and leave us with a whole lotta nothin. No infastructure, no big american businesses with lots of capital, no R&D inside our borders. if we try to control all of this shit by regulation, we\’re going to suffer the economic consequences big time.


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