That Which You Fear

I came to the realization sometime last year that the World is not black and white but various shades of gray. It took me nearly 30 years to learn this.


For some reason people think it gets easier. They think that since they have put in so much time that there should be a reward. A light at the end of the tunnel but this is an old way of thinking. This is idealism at its finest in my book. The World gave you life and you got one shot at it (If you want to have the whole God debate go read the first part of Neal Stephenson’s CRYPTONOMICON).


If this is true of life then it is true of other things within life. Take technology for example. At some point over the last 5 years technology has gone from being a prophet of efficiency to a time eating burden. Things that were once promised to work forever have to be upgraded in a matter of year’s maybe even months.


This turning of the tide has left many people with a sour taste in their mouth for technology and its supposed virtues. It hits me from time to time as well. Today I hated technology because my reliance upon it in my professional World meant that I had to spend more time rebooting and troubleshooting than I did actually doing my job.


Then I got home.


After talking on a cell phone and watching a DVD that was delivered to me via the Postal Service I got online. I went to NIKESOCCER.COM.


Whether you like soccer or not you have to appreciate how NIKE has used the Internet. They have multiple videos that you can watch at a fantastic rate. You can download them to your computer and put them on your video ipod or Sony PSP. I put them on my DELL AXIM. Now I can watch these anytime I want and show them to anybody I want. Watch Wayne Rooney act like…well Wayne Rooney. Watch Cristiano Ronaldo and his un-human footwork.


That’s what technology is all about.


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