Neo Luddite

Technology is not where it needs to be yet and yet we as a society rely heavily upon it. It’s not where it needs to be primarily because people cannot explain it in simple terms nor have “upgrades” become consistent enough to be actually considered “upgrades.”


Tech keeps pushing forward at lightning speed yet it has rarely worked out all the kinks before “upgrading” and introducing an entire set of new ones. 


New servers still mean new problems. “Upgrades” to computers now include new, as a co-worker refers to them, “features” that generally have no use other than to annoy the user while they are trying to accomplish something else.


A prime example: Microsoft.


Microsoft recently pushed back the release of its new operating system VISTA. It has already been pushed back once before and could very well be pushed back again but as it stands right now the consumer version should be out in January ’07. Will the kinks be worked out, probably not? It is a sad state of affairs when we know that we will have to buy a new $100-$300 device in 24 months because our current one will already be out of date. It is also sad that we already know that VISTA will have a security hole the size of Texas for hackers to drop in and steal something that will cause more of our time to be wasted.


Will most of us eventually upgrade to VISTA? Yeah, we’ll have to because it will provide us newer and more importantly cooler stuff that we can’t live without.


The moral, the good comes with the bad. If it didn’t how would we know what good is?


Tech still has a long way to go, but it’s getting their faster than anything has before.


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