The First or Last Day

Sunday mornings are used for various different reasons. One is to go to Church another is to sleep in and yet another is to watch the various Sunday morning shows.


From Meet the Press to This Week to Face the Nation to The Sports Reporters to Reliable Sources. You can get your fill of TV for the week in a single Sunday morning.


Every week these shows grab a member of Congress, pundit or Administration Official to stand before the host who is trying to stoke the flames up of a certain issue(s).


Reliable Sources on CNN at 10am was talking about Iraq and how the Bush Administration is blaming the media for not showing the good news. The media fired back with they have a job to do and so forth. Lara Logan of CBS News was a guest and was saying that there isn’t a whole lot of validity to this charge due to a variety of factors.


This got me thinking about the war and the media. I remember when the war started I was in Austin, Texas. On the door of the graphic artist was a political cartoon with President Bush holding back people labeled CNN, FOX, CBS and other news organizations.


Now 3 years into the war in Iraq and reporters going to jail for wanting to keep unnamed sources quiet and so forth…I find it a little unnerving that both sides are so pissed at each other.


The Administration, who the press says is hostile and never gives a straight answer, and the press, who the Administration says is not covering the good news and turning against the war and so on, can’t get along. At the same time, when did they ever get along?


Both sides need to take a step back and breathe. The Administration is being held accountable with multiple investigations going on about intelligence and so forth. The press however is not. The only accountability the media has are viewers and now of course the new media outlets such as the Internet.


I personally believe most everybody in the media is trying to do a good job. Those in harms way in Iraq and Afghanistan are doing the very best they can. It is not a question of whether the criticism of the Administration is fair or not. It is just the reality of our new all always on on-demand Media World.


Things take on a life of their own and views change by the week now due to this constant barrage of pundits, books, articles, and blogs, and so on. I don’t believe that people have grasp this concept yet and they may not so a while. The irony being here that maybe people will get sooner because of all the previously stated new outlets.


So in the mean time, both sides need to take a step back and breathe and try to resolve these issues in a civil way.


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